The Last Princess (Audio) - Galaxy Craze


Uggghhhh, this was so boring! All this girl does is describe things - things happening to her, things around her -and no emotional residence in connection with any of it! It doesn't help that the narrator is so monotone either....the logic is all over the place I stopped caring after about 2 hours but I'm not a quitter, I always hate not finishing a book, no matter how bad it is. Thankfully, it was only 6 hours of listening to How to Write a Cliqued YA Dystopian Novel. There is no character development at all, which is what I live for, especially in YA. Character goes from A to B to C, ruminates about something in the past before "the 17 days", thinks about everything happening to her, complains, and repeat. Honestly, the writing is fanfiction. It goes through the checklist of elements for a dystopian YA lacking all of the proper back-story, characterization, or just basic storytelling points. AKA the good stuff. For some reason, there is a sequel, I certainly won't be picking it up.



And another thing! how dare you kill off precious doggie, Bella?! I have a Bella and she is the cutest thing ever!